The German President’s Citizens Festival

Schloss Bellevue, Berlin

by Maximilian Haberstock

This was an amazing experience full of highlights from beginning to end: Rehearsals with Lang Lang in Hamburg. Media preparation. Schloss Bellevue. Security checks. My own changing room. First autograph. The lovely Ana-Cristina Grohnert with all her support and encouragement. On stage with Lang Lang! Interviews with Dunja Hayali and Ingo Zamperoni. Meeting Mr. Steinmeier in person! The press conference afterwards. And Katharina Wiehrdt’s impeccable attention to detail throughout the whole event which made it all the more special. It was like a dream!! Luckily my family was there to witness it all!

Thank you Lang Lang and Allianz for this unforgettable experience!

Impressions from the concert

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