Spring Concert of the Wilhelmsgymnasium

Grand Auditorium (Aula), Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich

“… In the excerpts from Edvard Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite which followed, the conductor, StD Klaus Pongratz, drew from the now expanded orchestra a full, Romantic sound with a number of dramatic climaxes. It came as an enormous surprise when, before the last piece, the seasoned professional relinquished the podium to a far younger conductor—Maximilian Haberstock, 6a, who was to lead the orchestra into the “Hall of the Mountain King.” The orchestra followed him well; the dynamic intensification and increase in tempo were convincing and in the end, the performance was greeted by rapturous applause …”

StRin Dorit Kunstmann reports on the Spring Concert
in the Wilhelmsgymnasium Annual Review 2016

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