Lang Lang Masterclass & Allianz Junior Music Camp

Chopin Institute & Teatr Polski, Warsaw

by Maximilian Haberstock

This was a magical week! From beginning to end it was organized to perfection under the motto: Work Hard, Play Hard! So we did! All ten of us picked from around the world! It was an honor to belong to this group and to this day I never stopped feeling lucky to be one of them! They were all like me: kids who loved classical music above all else! A life-long friendship started in Warsaw; most of us are still in touch and follow each others’ prizes and concerts closely.

The highlight was of course the master class with Lang Lang in the gorgeous setting of the Polish Theater at the end of the week. Meeting him was more exciting than one could imagine! Everything he told me during the master class in order to improve my playing, I am sure, had an enormous effect on my successes in the months that followed.

We had a happy yet very tearful good bye as we left the camp, each one of us taking with him or her an unforgettable experience!

Thank you Lang Lang International Music Foundation and Allianz for making this magical week even possible!

Impressions from the Masterclass

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